Luxury Hotels

“The duration & repeatability of the stay of a guest is directly linked to the quality of the outdoor spaces.”

The landscape approach must then be sufficiently creative in favor of the development of the hotel product, in order to influence the length of stay towards a constant increase in the seasonal average, but also to surprise by the choice of by-products and activities which would increase the interest of the guests

We meticulously work on first impressions and business development by creating added value in your business concept through dedicated landscape creations optimizing all outdoor spaces for all kinds of exploitations.

Whether for reception, recreation, catering or event coordination.  Our approach and know how in creating concepts, have a proven track record in enhancing the business’s public image.

Tourism projects, by their nature, have an impact on the environment, resources management and maintenance costs. Behind all the esthetic aspects of our concept, we alway thrive to deliver the most sustainable concepts. To that end, we leverage highly-efficient, durable and safe solutions at available the art of landscape design and architecture.

Some of our projects:

Palais Jamai

Sofitel Marakesh

Meridien Nfis

Ksar Menara

Sofitel Marrakech

Sofitel Agadir

Royal Atlas

Merinides Hotel