Commercial Projects

“Landscape design is one of the primary factors generating value in any commercial project.”

The landscape design approach of commercial real estate projects takes into account an important economic parameter, which is the average cost price per square meter of the exterior spaces of the land. In addition, the business strategy needs to be fully understood and reflected in the design of outdoor commercial projects.  The space needs to facilitate the work of the staff consistently all the while serving the needs of the target customer and reflecting a powerful and desirable public image.

The real estate developers in search of enhancing the value of their projects, certainly seek to offer a tangible added value to their real estate products. The landscape design approach must combine distinguished scenery with intelligent management of outdoor spaces, thus optimizing the expectations of the customer.

Some of our projects:

Les Jardins d’Abghour

Rabat Zoological Garden

Augusta Casares

Kasbah Antiguo