Delightful Utility

Landscape expression is a faithful translator of civilization and an obvious indication of the evolution and the sophistication of a culture, a witness of the sharing and the communion between people and their communities, through time and space

What We Do

We bring your vision to life by combining harmony, utility and luxury.

Some of our projects:
Our areas of expertise:

Luxury Hotels

Palaces, 5 stars or all inclusive hotels, the outdoor areas of hotels are key to immersive and delightful experiences

Urban Projects

Streets, sidewalks, lanes, avenues and squares, parks and gardens, the outdoors are living spaces for humanity.

Commercial Projects

Maximize revenue/m2 for commercial real estate projects by optimizing outdoor spaces

Private Residences

Your home experience starts the moment you walk onto your property. It must be unique, practical and delightful

We have over 30 years of worldwide experience in landscape architecture & urban design





Sustainable Development Concepts

Landscape Architecture, Outdoors Solutions and Environmental Engineering, are the intersection of Sustainability, Ecoresponsibility and Business Dynamics Development.

At Laosee, we develop environmentally friendly multidimensional concepts . Our know-how in this area is backed by over 30 years of experience  creating commercial outdoor concepts.

Additionally we develop “land marketing” programs, which are holistic development visions of regions and places, that use multiple responsible architectural strategies, landmarks and land arts expressions, environmental solutions, to brand target areas and further promote them.

History and Culture

Palais Jamai - The revival of a palace's gardens (French).